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Art Outside, Part 2 – Saturday

This is Part 2 of 2 of Kit O’Connell’s coverage of Art Outside. See Part 1 for the events of Friday. We began Saturday on a high note, getting thanked by Cheyne, the volunteer coördinator, and receiving free T-shirts (swag goes a long way). It was the day of animal hats — this growing freak fashion fad […]

Art Outside 2011, Part 1 – Friday

Kit attended Art Outside for the first time this year. Here is Part 1 of his experiences. Part 2 will follow tomorrow. I returned Sunday early from Art Outside. Until rain, wet clothes, and the effect chilly weather has on my fibromyalgia chased us back to Austin, Mizz Honey J and I had a wonderful […]

Going to Art Outside 2011

This weekend I’m attending Art Outside for the first time. Art Outside is not a Burning Man event, but rather a commercial arts and music festival inspired in part by the spirit of the playa. There are vendors, and paid performers, but it also tries to invoke much of the creative spirit and diversity of our beloved […]

Orfunner 2011

I am freshly back from Orfunner 2012, the Central Texas orphan Burn. I am surprisingly well rested for a return from the grassy playa, and eager to get back to blogging, writing, and most of the rest of my normal life. Last week — which I unexpectedly took off from blogging — was a truly awful […]