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Listen to an online reading of “Lifting The Veil”

My story “Lifting the Veil” will be read online tomorrow —¬†Wednesday, March 9 at 9:00pm EST — by Freaky Fountain co-founder Robin Wolfe. This online reading is a free promotional event for This Is The Way The World Ends, one of the Fountain’s two new anthologies. To sign up for the reading, just enter your […]

Updates on My Writing

A brief post with some updates on my writing — where you can read it now and some places you’ll be able to find it soon. My story “Lifting the Veil” is now available on Kindle as part of This Is The Way The World Ends. Buying from Kindle is a little more expensive than […]

Now Available: “Lifting the Veil” by Kit O’Connell

Glory and Misha are a polyamorous, bisexual couple and one of a handful of underground chemists who have been supplied with the formula for a new experimental drug called XDMT. When Misha takes the drug for the first time, he has an encounter with hallucinogenic entities known as Strangers. The Strangers give him a terrible […]

The World Ends March 1 (Freaky Fountain)

The smoke that flooded his mouth and spilled down his throat tasted the way a high school chemistry lab smells. Next to him, he felt Glory’s warmth and the nearness of her hand outstretched to catch the long glass pipe when it inevitably dropped out of his hand. Misha was suddenly afraid: You’re one of […]