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Copyediting: Dirty Work by Jack Bludis

The latest book to be released by PageTurner Editions which I copy-edited is┬áDirty Work by Jack Bludis. It features a recurring character of his, private investigator Rick Page, but I hadn’t read anything else by Bludis before proofreading this book and I had a great time. “We screwed three times and each time it was […]

Leland Hale: Galactic Conman #1

I’ve been a copy-editor for three books by┬áPageTurner Editions and I have to say I am having a ridiculously good time. I hope to continue being a proofreader and copy-editor for a long time to come, and I am sure there will be times when I have to read books which I don’t enjoy. I […]

Content is Bliss

I’m really getting excited about my role as Web Content Lead for Burning Flipside this year. The team of writers, photographers, and other creative people I’ve assembled is enthusiastic and talented — I’m still looking for more to join my roster, but excited about what the people I’ve already recruited are doing. We’re already talking […]