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Review: Ophoria V. Ring #5 & JimmyJane Iconic Ring

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Ophoria's disposable V-Ring No. 5 cock ring

I review sex toys for You can find the Ophoria V-Ring No. 5, the JimmyJane Iconic Ring and other cock rings on their site. Disclaimer: I am not paid for these reviews (unless you order products via one of my affiliate links), but I do receive free toys.

Like many men, I find the pressure created by a cock ring to be pleasurable. They can prolong erections and cause stronger orgasms, but just the sensation of wearing them is enjoyable. I recently came into possession of two vibrating rings and thought I’d compare them with the help of my pet.

The first is the Ophoria Vibrating Ring #5. This is a simple, disposable silicone ring. Since it’s made from silicone you can clean it with various toy cleaners or alcohol, but the vibrator attachment is disposable and not necessarily waterproof — although it seemed to stand up find to brief submersion and general clean-up in the sink. There does not seem to be any way to change the batteries in this toy, so once its time is up (estimated at about 40 minutes), you will probably want to throw it away. The toy operates with a simple on-off switch on one side.

The second toy I tried is JimmyJane’s Iconic Ring, part of their Usual Suspects series of ‘classic toys.’ JimmyJane is a high-end sex toy manufacturer with a certain amount of fashionabilty attached to their brand. True to form for the series, the company has offered their attempts at improvements on the standard battery-operated cock ring. This toy ships fully encased in hygienic, washable, waterproof “elastomer,” a stretchy material. It has no off switch, but there is a switch — visible and pressable through the elastomer itself — which switches the toy from continuous vibrations to a pressure sensitive mode.  You should even be able to take this toy into the hot tub (along with some silicone lube) for some serious underwater action.

JimmyJane's Iconic Ring from The Usual Suspects series.

Unlike most cock rings, you can actually change the batteries of this one. But in order to do so, you have to remove an elastomer plug from one end, and then pull the inner vibrator casing out this hole. The plug can be replaced after you put in fresh batteries. The toy is supposed to come with a set of extra batteries but mine was missing them for some reason. Getting the inner vibe out is easy though — it actually happened by accident one time when I was taking the ring off. Ultimately this toy probably has a limited lifespan — I am not sure how many times you could stretch the elastomer before it wears out — but it does have a much less limited one than other vibrating rings.

I tried both cock rings with my pet, with me on top, after play sessions of varying lengths. Both rings provided me with some pleasant tightness. However, the larger vibrator on the Iconic Ring was much more effective. The sensations were better targeted for my pet’s anatomy, as well as being noticeably stronger. The material was more comfortable to wear and stretches better than silicone.

Additionally, the vibrations are directed forward, whereas the vibrator on the Ophoria V-Ring is inserted sideways making it less effective. Sex with the Iconic Ring on was definitely memorable — it seemed prolonged despite heightened arousal and was a deliciously noisy affair for us both. I think I enjoyed the continuous vibration mode a little bit more when we switched to it, but pet told me she really enjoyed how the pressure sensitive mode encouraged me to thrust harder in order to set the ring off.

It’s clear that the Iconic Ring is a better toy than the Vibrating Ring #5, with the possible exception of travel. I’d feel much more confident about putting the V-Ring in a suitcase or travel bag since it has an actual off switch that seems much less likely to go off accidentally (or while passing through security). The V-Ring is also the better choice if you want something inexpensive to keep in your bag for that rainy day right moment.

And at the price, I can’t wholeheartedly recommend the Iconic Ring. As a writer living below the poverty line, I feel like I’m not in JimmyJane‘s target market. If you regularly throw down $40 on a bottle of wine for a date, then spending the same on a cock ring that will last you several encounters might not seem like a big deal. I can’t help but think this hypothetical buyer might be better off springing for a truly high end ring like the rechargeable Lelo Tor. Even so, I’m sure I’ll keep using mine until at least 1 set of batteries runs out.

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