Tonight I wrote my first introduction for a book. It’s for an upcoming rerelease of one of my favorite short story collections by a favorite author of mine. I was really honored to be asked to do this, although it’s also a little surreal that he thought an introduction by me was worth having in his book. After rereading the book, it was easy. I got some good help from a few readers and sent it off. I’ll update this site when I know more details about when the book will be out.

I have been working hard on the Continuous Coast project. My story I published earlier this month for the project has been read about 300 times, which isn’t bad for a silly little bed time story on a project no one’s heard of yet. I’ve been trying to line up more bands for Lufton Runner, with some exciting success. I’m trying to find time to build the project’s web presence. I’m helping critique other project members’ work. I’m playing fictals in interactive chats. If I’m not getting as many words on the page, I am trying to be gentle on myself as I am balancing all the above with a number of real life changes and upheavals and Things To Be Done ™ of varying importance.

I need to put some time in on my own words, and even just my own stories for CC, soon.

I did, however, write a poem recently.

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  1. Franko wrote:

    We definitely should hang out,man XD

    One suggestion:never publish your best works online unless you have em cold-registered copyrighted.

    I say that because a bastard stole a poem I made for a competition last year.He won,and I was tagged as the copycat. it hurt…but I was satisfied by knowing that when the time come to show off his “talent”,he will be busted.

    Also,im a foxes fan :D

    Mail me if my suggestion helped you :)

    Saturday, January 31, 2009 at 2:36 am #