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Free Fiction: An Orgasm by Kit O’Connell

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I’m a big fan of M. Christian. I wrote a Forward to the new edition of his classic collection of science fiction erotica, The Bachelor Machine. He recently postedDo You Know What Your Children Will Be?as this site’s first guest blogger.

"An Orgasm," erotic short fiction by Kit O'Connell. Original images by rq? and wise racheal.

Now I’ve returned the favor: my new short story An Orgasmis available in its entirety for free on his blog, Imagination Is Intelligence With An Erection.

It was ridiculous. Dangerous. Suicidal, even.

And incredibly, deliciously erotic. There was no way she could pass it up once she realized it could be done: Morna was going to fuck the Internet.

Not fuck on the Internet. Cybersex she’d grown tired of in her teens. Recent advances in teledildonics had entertained for a short while, but it wasn’t enough.

Her heart beat fast as she stepped up to the polished glass tower that housed the data center. It looked like any other modern office building, but she knew that the giant digital pipes that passed through it touched a surprisingly large fraction of a percentage of the world’s daily data. Enough to reach out to all the rest.

She wondered can he smell how wet I am? as she passed the incurious, dozing guard and signed her name on the pad. Getting into the building was one thing but actually entering the data center was another. If this went wrong she’d be arrested, maybe charged with terrorism. All those things were likely anyway, if she somehow survived, but if she succeeded she’d have the greatest of sexual memories to sustain her in prison.

Click here to read the Rest of “An Orgasm” on M. Christian’s Blog.

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