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The best way to support my work is to make a recurring donation via Patreon. Just click the image below and choose your donation amount. All my donors get bonus content, but Gonzo Insiders ($10+) get more content and cool stuff in the mail. Every Gonzo Insider who joins before December 1, 2017 will be eligible for my gonzo giveaway, featuring a copy of scott crow’s “Emergency Hearts, Molotov Dreams” and a bunch of cool stickers too.

Three Wise Men come bearing gifts for my Gonzo Insiders: scott crow’s “Emergency Hearts, Molotov Dreams,” a sticker from #catscult, and a sticker from Sleep is Famous.

I also accept donations via Bitcoin at wallet address 1J7b9YrYWgAvoydz123J74vqVrCPR7u2Pz.

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