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A Burner Lexicon

The effigy vanishes into the dust. Black Rock City, 2004. Photo by Kit O’Connell

A Burner Lexicon is a catalog of words and phrases that are unique to the Burning Man subculture. Like any close-knit group, Burners create slang, in-jokes, and jargon peculiar to their community; these words may be obtuse to newcomers and outsiders. This project is an attempt to mitigate their confusion, with a little sprinkling of a Devil’s Dictionary For the Playa on top.

In the entries below, bold words are words which are defined in that particular entry. Words in italic are the subject of other lexicon entries, current or future. Words which are not defined in the lexicon but can be found elsewhere will appear as a normal link.

A Burner Lexicon was last updated in June 2012.

A Burner Lexicon


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