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A lesson in the dust

Posted in Burning Man

Fire Art at Burning Man. Pyropolis, 2004. Photo by Nametag.

This post was formerly posted on Lauren Rothman’s DefyAuthority.NET. I am reprinting it here for those of you who missed it.

Make it fucking count.

Say you are on the Esplanade and the most beautiful creature you’ve ever seen comes up to you – and every single one is always the most beautiful creature you’ve ever seen in a moment like this — and asks you to share a sugarcube with a kiss.

You don’t know what’s on that sugarcube but you have a pretty good guess, and your new best friend is clearly enthusiastic to make your acquaintance. They have all the right curves (or sharp edges) in all the right places. This is without a doubt the sweetest sugar you’ve tasted in a long time.

Don’t get used to it. The wind comes up quick out on the playa, and after you put your face mask on and pull your goggles down from your hopelessly tangled hair, your new friend is gone.

You have two choices now — you can spend the rest of the week searching everywhere. Ask at the temple, try to learn where the beauty is camping, even come back to this very spot every day at the same hour in the hopes of just a glimpse, passing by, maybe riding a bicycle…

Or you can let the dust carry you on to the next delicious moment, where you’ll talk or laugh or fuck or touch or eat the most perfect English muffin pizza you’ve ever eaten in your whole entire life.

Both valid choices, and either will shape your experience however much you let it. You might miss out on a dozen dozen experiences if you give chase, but sometimes there’s nothing else for it.

In fact, this post is not meant to help you choose. If you do this — this hedonistic Burn thing — as long as I have, you’ll do both. Some nights you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for, and others will find you wanting.

Just be careful out there — wear your blinkies when its dark and drink your water when its bright. And try to find time to smell the propane flowers.

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