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Don’t Just Vote: Embrace Your Rage & Fight Back (#GonzoNotes)

Don’t just vote, get angry and fuck shit up. The midterm election is quickly approaching and it promises to be a pivotal one. Understandably, many liberals are pouring their efforts into voter registration and voter drives with a fervor that hasn’t been seen in years.

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What is Gonzo Notes?

“Gonzo Notes,” my free mailing list, launched December 1, 2016.

At least once a month, subscribers receive analysis of current events, simple tips to make your activism safer and more effective, and links to my recent writing.

I’m not just a journalist, but also an activist and organizer dedicated to building a better world. My writing focuses on issues of inequality, the war on drugs, human rights, and social justice, and Gonzo Notes is another way to share my viewpoint with my readers and fans.

There’s a lot happening in the world, from the election of an egotistical neo-fascist to the White House to the continued crackdown on basic civil liberties under a growing police state. In Gonzo Notes, I give you my ideas about what’s happening, and maybe what you can do about it.

I won’t ever sell this mailing list to anyone, or use it to send you commercial garbage. I will share a few links I like, promote other writers I enjoy, and let you know new ways to support my writing.

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