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A Burner Lexicon: Relax Harder

Relax Harder, A lot of time, labor and resources go into every Burn event, from the week-long Burning Man down to the smallest weekend regional getaway. This is just as true as it is for chill camps as it is for the most complex of installation art or mutant vehicle. Many a project has begun when a participant gazed at his surroundings and […]

A Burner Lexicon: Center Camp

Center Camp, –proper noun, All communities need a central gathering place. In historic times, a town green provided a place to meet, share and graze the livestock. Black Rock City is no different (especially if you include people in animal costumes). You will find Center Camp where the two great arms of the curved temporary […]

A Burner Lexicon: Boosh Cannon

Boosh Cannon, –noun, At a burn event, fire isn’t just important in the destructive end of the central effigy. Performers spin fire and dance with it, participants play flaming soccer, and perhaps most of all they love to attach flame throwers to things. These devices are often called boosh cannons, an onomatopoeia referring to the sound that fire […]

A Burner Lexicon: Black Rock Desert

Black Rock Desert, –proper noun, Though today it is largely dry, dusty and lifeless, in ancient times the Black Rock Desert was under 500′ feet of water. Since drying out it has been home to Native Americans and an important, but treacherous route of Westward emigrant travelers making their journey across the United States to […]