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Story of a Theme Camp: Cult of the Purple Taco

This is the third in my series of profiles of theme camps. For the first two, see the related posts at the bottom of this entry. Food and sex. They are two of humanity’s most primal desires. Both are at the very core of what creates our identity, and both are sometimes stigmatized. The two […]

Theme Camp: Zion Communal Kitchen & Hookah Lounge

This is my second profile of a theme camp. For the first, see The Story of a Theme Camp: Smack That Ass! At festivals in the Burning Man community, everyone is expected to bring enough food and water to survive the entire event. The response to this varies widely — for every camp with a […]

The Story of a Theme Camp: Smack That Ass!

I know people who cringe any time someone¬†publicly¬†associates the Burn community with sex. And yet the sex-positive, open-minded, truly “adult” (in the sense of maturity) atmosphere of Burning Man events is one of the things I find most valuable about the event; it’s part of the event with lessons I’d like to see the subculture […]