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Guest Post: A Texas Abortion by Anonymous

There’s been a great deal of attention on women’s rights nationally, and here in Texas. A powerful segment of the population is bent on pushing a repressive agenda, and its effects are being felt already. An anonymous reader submitted this piece about what it’s like to get an abortion today, and how even twenty-four hours […]

Guest post: The 2012 Grindr Hack by Elaine Hirsch

This site hosts several articles on online dating so Elaine’s offer to write about Grindr was an interesting one. Given the recent hack on their servers, this article is unexpectedly topical. The people who argue that any press is good press probably don’t work for Grindr. The uber-popular app designed to connect gay men has […]

Guest post: Male Bisexuality Does Exist by Elaine Hirsch

Research about male bisexuality has been controversial. Unhealthy attitudes toward male bisexuality have infected science just as they have other parts of culture. A recent study might change this, as discussed by Elaine Hirsch in this week’s guest post. One of the most controversial studies in human sexuality was presented by psychologists holding PhDs and Master’s Degrees […]

A Burner Lexicon: Lamplighter (Guest Entry by Alan Markow)

This Lexicon entry is by Alan Markow, who recently created the Sunrise Burners, a blog dedicated to Burners over 50. Lamplighter, –noun, Technically, Lamplighters is just another theme camp like the others which dot the Burning Man landscape. However, Lamplighters is more than just a theme camp, and is similar to groups like the Black Rock Rangers, […]