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#OpValentine and #OpPenPal (Firedoglake)

As activist movements spread and grow in strength, so does the government’s repressive reaction to them. Political prisoners are not new to the United States, but recent times have seen an unprecedented and growing crackdown on whistle blowers, online activists, even on journalists and lawyers. On Firedoglake, I wrote about Operation Valentine (#OpValentine), an effort […]

Tents Up for Occupy Austin Eviction Anniversary

On February 3, 2012 Occupy Austin was evicted from their City Hall encampment which they held for nearly 5 months. On the one year anniversary we gathered again to honor that day and our first home. I wrote about it for Firedoglake: Austin’s occupation gathered again at their first home to honor the day and […]

Feministe Vigilante Gangs Vs. Anti-Choice Bigots (Firedoglake)

Late in January I covered the Texas Rally for Life, the record breaking anti-abortion protest at the State Capitol, and the tiny counterprotest against it: Austin’s Feminist Vigilante Gang. From the article on Firedoglake: Make no mistake, this was a family affair — parents and children stood alongside entire Boy Scout troops, priests and nuns […]

Shaving with Occam’s Razor for Activists (Firedoglake)

A new and particularly infuriating conspiracy theory, the Sandy Hook Truthers, inspired a recent post on Firedoglake. I wasn’t going to open that can of worms on a major political blog because that’s like making eye contact with a rabid dog — once you attract their attention you’ll never get away. Debating directly with a […]