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Kit Q&A: Does Polyamory Work?

On Saturdays, I answer reader questions or respond to frequent web searches. This came up in conversation with a friend, but it’s a question I hear often in one form or another. Does polyamory work? I asked my monogamous friend what she meant by this, and she said: I’ve not seen any poly groupings where […]

Kit Q&A: How To Use Tenga Eggs (With Review!)

On Saturdays I answer reader questions. After my review of the Tenga Eggs from Babeland, a reader asked me to give a better explanation of this sex toy for cocks. How do you use a Tenga Egg? What follows is my first video sex toy tutorial. Enjoy! As you can see, though it is hard to explain […]

Reader feedback: Oil-based Lubes and Polyurethane

In my last Kit Q&A I looked at the safety of oil-based lubes and polyisoprene condoms. Yesterday I received the following feedback: Dear Kit: I found your article online about condoms and oil based lubricants. I work for Elbow Grease Lubricants, trusted brand since 1979 and the most recognized oil-based creams on the market. I […]

Kit Q&A: Polyisoprene Condoms and Oil-Based Lubricants

On Saturdays I answer questions from my readers or respond to popular web searches. Is it safe to use polyisoprene condoms with oil-based lubes? Since I reviewed both Lifestyles Skyn and Durex Avanti Bare, two varieties of polyisoprene condoms, several of my readers were curious about this topic. A lot of people find the idea of […]