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Published: “Dessert”

My poem “Dessert” has been published by the erotic webzine, Oysters and Chocolate. You can read it here. I’ve spent the week in Chicago, where my mom lives. We celebrated a nice thanksgiving yesterday, which I wrote about a little on Words Words Words. We’ve also been shopping for spices and specialty cooking oils. Tonight […]

“The Green Lady” to appear in Aberrant Dreams

My poem, “The Green Lady,” will appear in Aberrant Dreams in 2008. I am thrilled to be accepted by AD again; in addition to finding my work worth publishing, they are a joy to work with, responsive to a writer’s every question or concern. I also neglected to mention in this space that my review […]

a 24th-century reflection on emptiness

My poem, “a 24th-century reflection on emptiness,” has been published by Aberrant Dreams. You can read it here. I’m really pleased to be published in Aberrant Dreams. While you’re at it, check out some of the other works in their webzine.