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SXStreetcrash: A Tribute to David Bowie In The Streets At SXSW (Photo Gallery)

Posted in Journalism, and SXSW

2016 marked the 7th “SXStreetcrash,” an interactive, guerrilla performance event held in the center of 6th Street, Austin’s downtown nightclub district, during the massive SXSW Music festival. It’s hosted every year by Crash Alchemy, a local arts collective.

This year’s SXStreetcrash was a tribute to David Bowie, in honor of his recent passing. For the first time, the local chapter of the Decentralized Dance Party joined in, providing sound through their synchronized boomboxes. The DDP is a movement that originated in Canada which believes in promoting world peace through partying, and they use a portable FM transmitter to create a dance floor in the streets.

The idea of the Streetcrash is that the participants, including many community volunteers, gather ahead of time to create characters for the performance and practice a set of dance moves. Then, the group filters out into the 6th Street crowds, acting strangely and attracting as much attention as possible before, suddenly, coming together in a grand performance that “crashes the party.”

#SXSW: The Week So Far … From Polyamory To Pee-Wee

Posted in Journalism, and SXSW

SXSW Interactive wrapped up on Tuesday, and after 5 days of chasing stories around the Convention Center and nearby hotels, my energy level just about ran out. I took Wednesday off from doing anything important other than writing, and spent Tuesday and Wednesday resting and catching up on my personal life, instead of partying or listening to music.

It’s all not very gonzo. What would Hunter do?

But I’m not Hunter Thompson, as trolls like to remind me on Twitter from time to time. I’ve accepted this fact, and rather than snorting some speed, as he would probably advise, I’ll stick to naps.

But, there’s three more days (and nights) of SXSW and I intend to make the most of them.