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Tax Docs Reveal Goldman Sachs Donated $18,000 To Violent, Illegal Israeli Settlers

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Goldman Sachs is a financial supporter of one of Israel’s most violent, racist illegal settlements in occupied Palestine.

Documents published last week by Haaretz, one of Israel’s most liberal mainstream newspapers, revealed that the controversial investment banking giant made an $18,000 tax-deductible donation to the Brooklyn-based Hebron Fund, via the Goldman Sachs Charitable Gift Fund.

All Israeli settlements in Palestinian territories are believed to be in violation of international law. And while settlements are known for the violent actions of their residents, Hebron in particular has achieved a reputation for settlers’ extreme actions against indigenous Palestinian residents.

“Hebron is a perpetual nightmare,” wrote Maya Haber, director of programming and strategy for Partners for Progressive Israel, in Haaretz. ”About 700 Jews live in tiny fortified urban settlements at the center of a city inhabited by 180,000 Palestinians.”

Iceland Erupts In Protest As Panama Papers Reveal Secret Corruption In Government

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Iceland’s government is under pressure from a tax corruption scandal, and the prime minister could be forced to resign.

For now, Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson says he’s merely taking a break from the office.

The massive Panama Papers leak, consisting of 11.5 million documents released to German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung by an anonymous source, revealed several members of Iceland’s government, including its prime minister are among numerous world leaders with secretive offshore shell corporations, potentially allowing them to hide billions in income from taxes.

A video released Sunday by The Guardian showed Gunnlaugsson abruptly ending a television interview, where he was confronted about selling his share in a shell corporation, Wintris, Inc., to his wife just one day before a new law came into effect which would have required him to disclose his holdings.

‘Starving The Beast’: Documentary Reveals How Wall Street ‘Disrupted’ Public Education

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Is education a right and a public good, or is it a commodity from which corporations can profit?

“Starving The Beast,” a documentary which premiered March 13 at the SXSW Film festival, reveals the struggle between these two paradigms for higher education taking place across the country at publicly funded universities.

From the University of Texas at Austin to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, decades of budget cuts have resulted in skyrocketing tuition alongside a simultaneous decline in the quality of education. Now Wall Street is moving into the gaps created by a largely Republican-created budget crisis, from the increasing reliance on private student loans as public funding falls to schemes to allow the accreditation of more for-profit universities, a move championed by Sen. Marco Rubio during his 2016 electoral campaign.

Top Rubio Donors Include Goldman Sachs, Microsoft, Tech Billionaire Larry Ellison

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Although he’s not a frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio nonetheless has many wealthy donors eager to support his political ambitions.

When he launched his presidential campaign, Rubio was likely already holding onto a generous campaign war chest from supporters of his congressional campaigns. MapLight, a nonpartisan organization that tracks the influence of money on politics, recorded $18,693,554 in campaign contributions between April 1, 2009 and March 31, 2015.

Rubio’s biggest donor during that period was the Club for Growth, which gave $362,826. According to Right Wing Watch, the organization “touts itself as the inheritor of Ronald Reagan’s ‘vision of limited government and lower taxes’ and it advances this anti-government vision through its support of political candidates who hew to its right-wing economic orthodoxy.”

After Bottling Michigan’s Clean Water, Nestle Comes Under Fire For Ties To Snyder Admin

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As celebrities, corporations and citizens alike donates thousands of gallons of bottled water to the lead-poisoned residents of Flint, Michigan, Nestle, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of bottled water, has come under fire for its ties to the state’s water woes.

The global food and drink giant teamed up with Wal-Mart, Coca-Cola, and Pepsi to deliver up to 6.5 million bottles of water to 10,000 school students in Flint. Celebrities including Madonna and Jimmy Fallon have pledged tens of thousands of dollars toward relief efforts.

Although Nestle controls over 70 bottled water brands, some local activists are pushing back against the company’s involvement in relief efforts. On Sunday, New Era Detroit published a warning: “On the behalf of New Era Detroit we ask that you not purchase Nestle’s or Ice Mountain bottle (sic) water which is owned by Nestle.”

Bernie Sanders & Jill Stein’s College Plans Treat Education As A Human Right

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With presidential candidates hoping to court young voters, it’s not surprising that the student debt crisis and the rising cost of a college education have become key campaign issues. While Hillary Clinton has promised to make college more affordable, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and Dr. Jill Stein want to make it accessible to everyone.

As of the end of June, the Federal Reserve estimated there were about $1.19 trillion dollars worth of seriously delinquent education loans, according to USA Today, with many analysts predicting that this debt crisis could cause another serious financial collapse. A recent study by the Brookings Institution suggested predatory behavior by for-profit colleges created a substantial portion of this debt, as Shadowproof’s Dan Wright reported earlier this month.

Heather Gautney, a professor of sociology at Fordham University, openly praised Clinton’s ideas in an analysis of Sanders and Clinton’s competing college plans published in August on Sanders’ official campaign website. “[T]he Clinton plan doesn’t go far enough,” Gautney argued, warning that it would still place too much burden on struggling families and students: “It fails to place the issue of college affordability in the proper context: as a societal, rather than an individual, problem.”