Dead Markets and Other Notes

It happens in the life of any writer, so it had to happen to me eventually: A market to which I sold a poem has died before I got published or paid by them. Aberrant Dreams, who previously published my poem “a 24th-century reflection on emptiness” in 2008, and later that year accepted my poem “The Green Lady,” appear to have become a dead market. No updates have been posted in over a year and duotrope now lists them as a dead market. Since they haven’t responded to my queries in months I have withdrawn my poem from their publication and sent it on to a new, active market. I suppose this ‘first’ could be seen as a rite of passage. Or just a thing.

I just finished a review of The Billy Meier Story: UFO’s and Prophecies From Outer Space. For some reason, it’s also known as The Silent Revolution of Truth in certain markets. It’s almost exactly what you’d expect from the title, but I still managed to go on for 1,000 words about it. I’ll be sending the review to the SF Site later today and I’ll let you know when they publish it. I also know they will be posting a review of the Arse Elektronika 2008 anthology which features my paper on the future of the novel; I’m excited to share that with you when I am able too.

I didn’t include it in my review, but does anyone else think that the venerable RE/Search ought to be either offended or flattered that their logo was ripped off by Reality Entertainment, distributors of The Billy Meier Story?

  • johannes

    can you tell me when the arse 08 book review gets published?