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Review finished / Houston Art Nerds

Posted in Other Writing, and The SF Site

I just finished a review of Robert J. Sawyer’s novel FlashForward. Since I found the recent TV series of the same name so maddening, I could not help but bring my thoughts on both interpretations of the FlashForward concept together in the review. I’ll send it in to SFSite later tonight after a bit of polish and be sure to let you know when it is available for your enjoyment.

I’ve decided I need artists around me being creative more often and I’d like to help cultivate some of the creative energies of my social circle at the same time. I’m trying to organize a semi-regular artist gathering in my area, where we could paint, write, compose, craft, or otherwise create in the company of others like us.  If you live in or visit the Houston area and you’re interested but I haven’t invited you to the Facebook group (or you aren’t on Facebook but want to know more), please let me know.

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