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Lifting the Veil

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I just finished the first draft of a new erotic short story:

“Lifting the Veil”

Microsoft Word wordcount: 3,108 words

I’ve sent the short story to a few friends and readers in the hope I get some feedback. After I sleep a bit, I plan to polish it up and send it to an erotic SF anthology, just in time for its January 15th deadline. The writing of this story was made possible by sex, leftovers from !Beba’s/One’s a Meal, and a playlist made up of Juno Reactor, Portishead, Stereolab, and Nine Inch Nails’ Ghosts I-IV.

This is the first story I have finished in over a year, since my life fell to pieces and had to be rebuilt. It’s a major milestone. At times, it was incredibly tough going but now I’ve finished and the feeling is incredibly good. Regardless of whether I can get it published, or even whether anyone else but me likes it, I’m really thrilled to be back on the horse. Or is the correct term falling off the wagon?

Update 3/1/2011: A year and some months later, this short story is now available for purchase in This Is The Way The World Ends, a collection of apocalyptic erotica from Freaky Fountain Press. Read an excerpt or buy it here.

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