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Kit: Sex Toy Reviewer

Posted in Other Writing, Reviews, and Sex & Relationships

I’ve agreed to review sex toys for I’ll be posting the reviews here on my blog. I won’t be getting paid but I’ll be getting free sex toys and another excuse to write about sex, which will hopefully encourage me to put more time in on my other pr0ntastic writing. In return, the site gets some publicity about its products and some google juice (I think this is actually their larger goal). It seems a fair trade.

So I am NOT actually doing novel in 90, this round. I had some minor setbacks around when it started, and was actually out of town for the first few days of the session. I can jump in later, and am working on increasing my output in other ways. I’m partway into a work of erotic short fiction, but am also unfortunately just a few days from the deadline of the anthology I wish to submit it too. It will be an experiment in turning work around quickly, and I hope I succeed.

Otherwise my life is quite good right now. A few interesting people have come into my life lately, people I may be enlisting to ‘help’ with my reviews. Although the cold weather has been hard on my fibromyalgia, and I have a lot of work to do get my life where I want it to be, I find myself happier so far in 2010.

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