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999 Eyes Modern Freak Show

Though 999 Eyes were present at Art Outside last year, I spent a lot of time with them at Art Outside 2012 documenting their performances and speaking with the freaks. I also had a lot of thought-provoking conversations with my good friend Sarah, a disabled activist with ADAPT. The experience was an exploration of my […]

The Rise of Burning Man: The KDVS Interview Part 1 (Firedoglake)

Earlier this month I had a thought-provoking conversation with Richard Estes, the host of a UC Davis radio program Speaking In Tongues. We talked about Burning Man and the recent suicide of Paul Addis: SIT: Let’s just start with — as you noted in your article Paul Addis committed suicide I believe on Saturday, October 27th. KO: Right. […]

Puppets Get Better / Upcoming Events

I used this video tonight on Firedoglake and thought it was awfully cute. It’s inspired by the It Gets Better Project, and doesn’t everything get better with puppets? Earlier tonight I spoke on the program Speaking In Tongues on KDVS Radio, 90.3 out of the University of California at Davis. We talked about my  Firedoglake article on Burning […]

Bleep Labs’ Noise Explorer 5000 (on Firedoglake)

Art Outside is inspiring in the way it mixes and melds music, making and seeing art, and other types of creative expression into a single unique experience. My latest contribution to Firedoglake’s Saturday Art series is a video tour of the Bleep Labs’ Noise Explorer 5000, guided by my longtime Burner friend Thomas Fang. The Noise Explorer […]