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Kit Q&A: How do you meet people on FetLife?

On some Saturdays I answer reader questions or respond to frequent websearches. How do you meet people on FetLife? Some readers asked this question during the Guide to OKCupid Dating series. Many of the people who visit this site are either on FetLife or should consider joining. FetLife is a social network for kinksters, people into […]

Kit Q&A: Turning off OKCupid Local in 5 Easy Steps

On Saturdays I often answer reader questions or respond to frequent web searches. How do turn off local broadcast in OKCupid? When Molly Rene and I wrote our OKCupid Guide we devoted a chapter to extra features like the Mobile app.  The mobile app lets users search for and message people who are very local to […]

Approximately 8,000 Words: 2011 Year in Review

This was my blog’s most successful year in every possible respect. Let’s take a moment to review some of the highlights. I took most of those from my WordPress stats and annual report, generated automatically by Jetpack. In 2011, this blog had more visitors, more blog posts, more guest posts, more incoming links and web searches, […]

Polyamorous Dating on OKCupid: Conclusion

This is part seven of a seven part series on using OKCupid for the non-monogamous and others seeking polyamory or open relationships. It is cowritten with Molly Rene. This week: Other dating sites, and our last thoughts. Table of Contents Introduction / What Is OKCupid? Writing a Dating Profile Answering Match Questions Finding People on OKCupid Meeting […]