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Review: Tales From A Fragrant Harbour (with feedback)

My review of Garry Kilworth‘s short story collection, Tales From A Fragrant Harbour was recently published by the SF Site: Garry Kilworth’s Tales From A Fragrant Harbour: Short Stories of Hong Kong and the Far East is the latest entry in the mythology of a certain “lost” land. He and his wife spent 4 years there […]

Review: The Baby Killers

In my latest review on the SF Site, I examine Jay Lake’s new short novel, The Baby Killers from PS Publishing: The official catalogue description of Jay Lake’s new short novel The Baby Killers refers to the book as a restaging of mankind’s fall from grace in the form of a steampunk fable. In my opinion, […]

Review: The Holler by Marge Fulton

In my latest review on the SF Site, I consider The Holler by Marge Fulton, available from BlackWyrm: It’s always a struggle when working with very short or flash fiction to create concise, clear pieces which are quickly read but still have a satisfying beginning, middle and end. Much of the flash I read strikes […]

Review: Escher’s Loops by Zoran Živković

My newest review has been published on the SF Site. This time I report on my attempt to read Zoran Živković’s metafictional novel, Escher’s Loops, and how it relates to some drug trips I have been on: This book rather effectively simulates some drug trips I have been on, where sensations, experiences and thoughts seem […]