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Review: The Holler by Marge Fulton

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The Holler by Marge Fulton

In my latest review on the SF Site, I consider The Holler by Marge Fulton, available from BlackWyrm:

It’s always a struggle when working with very short or flash fiction to create concise, clear pieces which are quickly read but still have a satisfying beginning, middle and end. Much of the flash I read strikes me as being not quite a story in the conventional sense, but sometimes it works anyway. Taken together, the stories in The Holler almost work — when you read the whole collection, it creates a suitably weird atmosphere, one tinged with a sense of place that is at once pastoral and tacky, full of strange little details like jerky-eating country lawyers that carry big knives and aliens that eat Moon Pies and wooden toys, but might get jobs down at the local call center anyway.

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