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Review: Happy Angel

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I review adult toys for You can find the Happy Angel and other vibrators on their site.

It’s sometimes fun to think about all the steps that go into making a product we enjoy. Somewhere during all the stages of designing a sex toy, someone gets paid to come up with a clever name. There was someone who named the original Pocket Rocket just like someone decided the original rabbit would look like a bunny.

The Happy Angel, a exclusive.

Somewhere along the way someone decided this toy was the Happy Angel, possibly someone at since this toy is a vendor exclusive. Sadly, my lover Mz Honey J — for whom I acquired this toy — is not a fan of the name. Her suggestion for a better name? The Honey Pleaser. Which is to say, the name is the only thing about this toy she doesn’t enjoy.

The Honey — I mean Happy Angel is a dual action vibrator. Its shaft, which is stylized rather than explicitly phallic, is slender but has a thick bulb which rotates at the end. A second protrusion, the clitoral stimulator, vibrates. Both have separate controls at the end of the toy, including the ability to change the direction of the bulb. Little blinking red lights display the three levels of speed for each. Despite the complexity, the entire toy is waterproof — a fact which Honey J has tested repeatedly.

The usable portions of the toy are made from silicone while the controls at the base are made from hard plastic. This toy came shipped in shrink-wrap, and when I unwrapped it to test it before giving it to Honey, it had an unpleasant plastic smell. However, this had dissipated by the time we tried it for the first time.

The rotating bulb feels good to Honey, but that alone would not be enough to give her orgasms. In its default position, the tip of the clit stimulator is mostly just a tease. It is extremely flexible though — when you insert it deeply, this flexible silicone “finger” can actually stretch across the clit and the entire upper portion of the vulva. The underside actually has some little textured nubs, and since the vibrations are in the base that’s when things get really exciting.

A close up of the clit stimulator on the Happy Angel.

We tried this toy for the first time during a recent visit she made to my house. I tied her wrists down so that I’d be in control of the first test run (and for my own amusement). It was fun to thrust this toy in and out of her at first, but I quickly found it was most effective with the shaft deep inside and the clit stimulator in its best position, with the controls at top speed. Her orgasms were strong, loud and seemed to come in rapid succession.

Honey was eager to take this toy home with her and perform a lot more research in the days between when we’d be together. She’s brought it into the shower with her multiple times where she says the different angle involved in using it standing up makes for unique and very pleasurable sensations.

It’s always a good idea to store your toys without batteries to prevent damage from leakage. One nice feature of this toy is that the batteries go into an insertable “cartridge” inside the battery compartment at the base. This means it’s extremely easy to slip them out again and store them near but not inside.

In order to show you a little more of the Happy Angel in action, I’ve even taken a video of the rotating bulb. This video also shows one of the toy’s only true drawbacks: like almost all dual action toys, it’s noisy. If you want a toy which is quiet and can be hidden from nosy housemates then you’ll need to look elsewhere. On the other hand, if you can turn up some music without much suspicion you will probably still be fine.

The Happy Angel, known from now on around here as the Honey Pleaser, is a great sex toy. As of this writing, it’s currently on sale so if you want to try a dual action vibe at a relatively low price then this is one of the best deals you can find.

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