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Review: Dual-Action Hummingbird by CalExotics

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I review adult toys for You can find the Dual Action Humingbird and other vibrators on their site.

Regular readers of this blog know that I am polyamorous and have a few regular female lovers. This helps me as a reviewer because I can get multiple opinions on some toys. Others I can share as gifts so that I don’t have a million nearly identical vibrators cluttering up a bedroom already full of books, semi-domesticated animals and sundries. Some time ago, my pet received the Pink Tongue. More recently, Mizz Honey J and I reviewed the toy she calls the “Honey Pleaser.”

The Dual Action Hummingbird by California Exotic Novelties, available from MyPleasure.

Now it was Grace’s turn to try a dual action toy, so I asked MyPleasure to send me this Hummingbird vibe by California Exotic Novelties. CalExotic’s toys are a mixture of good and bad — some fantastic, others mediocre. This was not a stunning example of their products, though my lover still received some significant pleasure from it during testing.

This vibrator is made from a soft, jelly-like material called TPR which is free of phthlalates. Because it is clear, you can see the inner workings of the toy including the silver beads which rotate in the phallic shaft. Atop the shaft is the usual vibrating animal-shaped clitoral stimulator, in this shaped like a hummingbird with a soft pointed beak and wings. At the base of the toy are the controls which affect the speed of hummingbird and the beads. A separate button turns the power on and off. Instead of reversing the rotation like many dual action vibes, another button allows the user to switch into a mode where both parts of the toy pulsate.

Though she’d admired dual action toys before, Grace had never tried one herself. At first she seemed a little unsure about this style of toy. She enjoyed the hummingbird’s vibrations right from the start but the feeling of the beads took some getting used too. Once she got used to the combination, she was soon moaning and moving with enthusiasm. This was when I discovered the first flaw of the toy, which is that the controls are very easy to hit by accident while thrusting with this toy into another person.

The second, more serious flaw of the Dual Action Hummingbird is one similar to an issue found in other similar vibrators. In many “rabbit”-style toys, the rotating beads can get jammed when a woman’s muscles contract during orgasm; this may to eventual breakage. The problem here is similar but actually worse — the TPR covering the beads is so loose that it can actually become twisted around, necessitating a pause in the action to untangle it. This problem repeated itself after Grace took the toy home to review it in private. Though the toy is capable of giving her orgasms, she becomes frustrated with having to stop to fix the outer shell.

Unfortunately, as a result of the loose material on the Dual Action Hummingbird I cannot recommend it to others.

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