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Operation GTFO

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This came up when I searched for Creative Commons images for GTFO, but I don't understand it. Why is Ronald's sister punching the VR guy? Perplexing photo by(?) Pavel N.

My poly family is engaged in what we’re calling Operation GTFO, the goal of which is to get all of us living in Austin and in saner homes. I’m moved into my new place, Avocasa, and recovered from the physical strain of doing so. I still have far too much unpacking to do, but I’m finally living somewhere where I really love socializing with my housemate and our friends, love using the space to work and relax in, and love using the beautiful kitchen.

I’m settling in just in time for my pet to join me. After months of trying, she has finally found a job in Austin — working, oddly enough, at the same tech support job that just hired my other two lovers, Honey J and Jenn. She’s staying with me temporarily at Avocasa until she finds her own house (so Austinites looking for a great roommate with a wonderful dog, let us know). It is a huge relief to know that we will no longer have to go weeks at a time without seeing each other.

The next stage of GTFO is for Grace to move from San Marcos to Austin, and she recently got approved on the apartment she wanted here. Then, Honey J will be looking to move into a place of her own in the next few months. I’m fostering her pet rats Rocka-Billy and Casey-Dilla, who were adopted from Patton Asylum, until then.

Other aspects of my life are going great — I’m getting a handle on my freelance work and making room for even more writing in my life. I’m excited about getting back to certain projects…  one of which is starting a new writing group. If you’re in the Austin area and interested in joining a writer’s critique circle, let me know.

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