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Kit Q&A: How To Use Tenga Eggs (With Review!)

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On Saturdays I answer reader questions. After my review of the Tenga Eggs from Babeland, a reader asked me to give a better explanation of this sex toy for cocks.

How do you use a Tenga Egg?

What follows is my first video sex toy tutorial. Enjoy!

As you can see, though it is hard to explain in text you can easily figure out a Tenga egg when you see it used.

In this video I use the Tenga Wavy Egg. Also briefly shown was BabeLube Natural lube. Thanks to Mizz Honey J for directorial suggestions and help as cameragirl.

Feel free to send suggestions for future videos!

Review of Tenga Wavy and Tenga Spider Eggs

Just how do you use a Tenga Egg?

In my last entry on this toy, I gave the Tenga Silky Egg a glowing review. It felt incredible on my cock. Since Babeland sent me a six-pack of Tenga Eggs, I’ve experimented since then with two others — the Tenga Spider and, as demonstrated in this video, the Tenga Wavy Egg.

I was actually a bit disappointed with the Spider. The Silky had only slight ribbing around the inside, but the Spider had very prominent texture in a grid-like shape. It didn’t feel as good when thrusting, and actually felt a little uncomfortable if it rubbed across my cock head in the wrong way. I did enjoy it some, just not as much.

I opened the Wavy Egg to use in my Tenga Egg demonstration video above but I have since made use of it for masturbation, and during play with a lover. You can see the texture in action during the instructional video. It’s more pronounced than the Silky, but there is a lot less of it than the continuous grid found inside Spider. It felt a lot better for masturbation, not irritating but rubbing in a pleasant way as it rippled across my shaft. BabeLube was a great choice, too, easier to clean up than the Tenga lube.

These eggs are not just for solo play. Honey J and I tried one out together — I guess you could say it was her reward for helping me with the egg video.  Honey was on her period, when she is horny but sometimes has mixed feelings about play. We got worked up from making out, and I grabbed the lube and the Wavy egg we’d opened earlier. One thing I dislike about these eggs is that if you clean them off, they dry unevenly — moisture tends to collect around the opening of an egg, leaving them clammy feeling if you revisit them hours later. I shook off the extra water in the bathroom and warmed it in my hand as I added lube.

The sensation is different from a normal hand job, so I had to give her a bit more instruction than normal. In particular, I think using an egg on a lover requires a lighter touch than normal manual stimulation. Once I got used to the intensity and she figured out the right technique, it felt amazing. I started by fingering her as well, but by the end I was too distracted with sensations to continue. I came hard! Even more exciting was how much it excited Honey — she was so aroused that she could not hold still, and I gave her a strong manual orgasm soon after. As we recovered, she requested the opportunity to use more toys on me in the future!

The Silky might be my favorite still, but I really enjoyed the Tenga Wavy Egg. I didn’t like the Spider very much, but every cock is different. I recommend these eggs for anyone who owns a penis or who wants to make a beloved penis feel great!

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