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Review: BabeLube Natural lube

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I review sex toys for Babeland. You can find BabeLube Natural and other lubricants on their site.

BabeLube Natural is a glycerin and paraben-free water-based lube from Babeland.

I had very high hopes for this lube, because I adore Babeland’s products. BabeLube Natural is a water-based lube, produced for Babeland by the makers of Sliquid lubes, who have a large product line I’d like to investigate further.

We’ve discussed the word ‘natural’ and lubes together on this blog. What natural means here is that this lube does not have glycerin, parabens, or petroleum byproducts. Sliquid also added several ‘certified organic botanicals.’ As usual, we’ll take a look at the ingredients in detail:

  • Purified water — as expected in water-based lube
  • plant cellulose (from cotton) — makes things slippery
  • organic aloe barbadensis — also slippery and soothing
  • natural tocopherols (Vitamin E) — soothing to irritated skin
  • carrageenan — from seaweed, not only slippery but may help prevent transmission of some STDs
  • organic hibiscus extract — Babeland says this is moisturizing
  • organic flax extract — soothing to the skin according to Babeland
  • organic green tea extract — Babeland says this is a natural anti-inflammatory
  • organic sunflower seed extract — also a moisturizer
  • citric acid (from citrus fruits) — as a preservative
  • potassium sorbate — another common preservative

In general, I prefer lubes which have fewer ingredients as it simply means there is less chance to encounter an unexpected allergic reaction or sensitivity. All of these seem like reasonable ingredients individually, my objection is largely just that there are an awful lot of them. How much difference are tiny amounts of 6 different moisturizers going to make? But, as advertised, this sex lubricant is free of the most common irritants that cause yeast infections or allergic reactions.

In the end, what people care about most is how well this lube works. I wish I could give a better report. I tried it in several different situations and found it disappointing in each. I tried it for masturbation, on Pet during International Fisting Day, and with a dildo on Mizz Honey J. In all cases, I had to reapply very often. It seemed like the slightest breeze across the surface of this lube dries it almost instantly.

About the only time this lube was useful was in my Tenga Eggs as a substitute for the yucky included ‘Egg lube.’ It stayed slippery for a while inside the masturbation sleeve. It smells a bit floral but has almost no taste, which is a plus. It is vegan and labelled 100% cruelty-free. If all you need is a lube to jump-start natural lubrication, then BabeLube Natural might be a good choice. Otherwise, I cannot recommend it.

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