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Review: Tenga Eggs (Silky)

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I review sex toys for Babeland. You can find the Tenga Eggs and other toys for cocks on their site.

I think my gender is one of the strengths I bring to sex toy reviewing. That is not to say that others are less qualified or that their reviews are of a lesser quality, but simply that the vast majority of sex toy reviewers are women. Male voices are comparatively rare. Despite this difference, most of the toys I’ve been reviewing have been vibrators, dildos, anal toys, and the like. While these toys are great for bringing pleasure to anyone, some of my readers have requested that I review more penis-specific items.

Tenga Eggs are disposable masturbation sleeves, available in singles or six-packs.

The truth is that before these eggs, I’ve never played with anything like it. I don’t have a problem with the idea of masturbation sleeves and such, and I’ve enjoyed cock rings in my time. Everyone, I believe, should have access to tools for better pleasure. But many masturbation toys marketed toward men are ugly or crude — from those awful toys shaped like the severed nether regions of a mannequin up to the popular Fleshlight.

A disembodied vaginal entrance crammed into the shell of a gigantic plastic flashlight seems unwieldy and primitive when compared to elegance like the NJoy Fun Wand or a modern vibe like the Je Joue G-Ki. This is where Tenga comes in, a Japanese manufacturer who are bringing that country’s ingenuity and creativity with adult products to masturbation sleeves and other cock toys. I’ve been eyeing several of their toys for a while now, including the Flip, but when Babeland offered me a selection of eggs I knew I had to take the opportunity.

The Tenga Eggs are semi-disposable masturbation sleeves which come in six varieties. Each arrives in a small plastic Easter-style egg. When unwrapped and opened, a wiggly white egg is revealed with an opening in the wide part. The sleeve itself is made of Elastomer, which is phthalate-free but porous, preventing sterilization. Inside the opening of each sleeve you will find a small plastic tube which contains a packet of lube. To use one of these eggs, you remove the wrapper and plastic shell, take the lube out of the tube and pour it into the sleeve, then slip the opening over the nearest available penis.

The six varieties of these eggs are Silky, Stepper, Twister, Spider, Clicker, and Wavy and Babeland sent me one of each for review. For my first experience I chose Silky, which is smooth inside except for some light ribbing. I wanted to experience what seemed like the simplest of these toys before experimenting with more complex textures. I’d unwrapped it shortly after arrival and peeked inside, but did not have the right moment to devote to serious experimentation for several days. By the time the opportunity came, my anticipation was high; I was not disappointed.

Sexual pleasure is as simple as following these pictorial instructions.

I was enjoying some online pornography and semi-aroused when I slipped the egg on for the first time. At first it felt and looked a little awkward perched on the head. The eggs are not particularly snug, so there is not much sensation simply wearing them. But when I wrapped my hand around the toy and began to stroke, everything changed — the sensation was just exquisite. The Tenga Eggs are stretchy so you can pull them down around your cock, and the material gives in a very appealing way when you thrust into it. Combined with the slickness of the lube and mental stimulation, my orgasm was quick and strong — the kind of thing people use cliches like “jaw dropping” to describe.

Earlier I called this toy “semi-disposable.” After use I rinsed it out and put it away. It was in fine condition when I opened it up again later and I got two more uses out of it. The third time, however, I heard a popping noise and felt the material tear. I was still able to use it for the rest of the session and then I simply placed it back into its shell and threw it away — with five more eggs to look forward to enjoying.

There are some drawbacks to this toy. The lube which comes with these eggs is functionally slippery, but very cheap and low quality. It has a noticeable chemical smell, and leaves a sticky residue behind. It also includes glycerin, an ingredient which can cause yeast infections in women; if you’re worried, wipe off afterwards or substitute a glycerin-free lube. Between the material and the lube, this toy is cold inside until it reaches body temperature. Tenga actually makes a masturbation sleeve warmer to address this issue! It’s also a little messy — even though the lube goes inside initially, all that squeezing and thrusting means it gets everywhere. Finally, and I mention this only because I have a couple lovers who are grossed out by themwhen it does warm up to body temperature the outer surface of a Tenga egg actually feels a bit like a hard-boiled egg.

The Tenga Eggs are available in singles or the complete set of six. I’ll be writing more about them as I experiment more, but the intense pleasure Silky gave tells me I can give them a strong recommendation. They are a perfect way to give a special treat to your cock or the cock of someone you love.

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Disclaimer: I am not paid for my reviews (unless you buy something via an affiliate link) but I am given free products in return for my honest opinion.

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  • Mizz Honey J

    I was pretty curious about what kind of review these things would get.

    When you first told me about the eggs, I was somewhat concerned about the disposability of them. Although you were able to use the egg about three times, it would be ideal if it were a little more durable. However, from the sounds of your review, using more durable material might hamper the toy’s effectiveness.

    Also, didn’t you mention that the eggs could be placed on the end of a Hitachi?

    • Kit

      @Honey: Hi Honey! With a little care, I may be able to make future eggs last a bit longer — the Babeland site recommends pinching the tip to remove excess air, just like a condom, and I may not have done that every time. Other Tenga products are designed to last longer, but these are definitely meant to be short term playthings. At their price, an individual egg is about equal in value to other short use sex toys I have seen, like bullet vibes with button batteries inside. But waste/environmental friendliness is certainly a factor here. I’m not sure how making it thicker would affect things, either.

      And yes — according to Babeland you can turn an egg inside out and slip it over the end of a Hitachi or another vibrator with a large head. It would both add texture and a certain amount of safety, as it would temporarily cover the porous head that Hitachi Wands have. I’d love to try it, but I don’t have a Hitachi yet!

      Thanks for your comment. We’ll have to play with one of these soon :)

  • Anonymous

    I was very skeptical of the Fleshlight, and it does look crude and ugly, but I eventually decided to buy one, and was amazed at how good it feels. I’ve also always thought of women’s toys and men’s anal toys as beautiful and fun and sexy, and been shocked when women expressed discomfort about them or spoke about them like they were monstrous, but I went through exactly the same thing with the fleshlight– disgust, horror, hesitation, trying it, loving it. Even wrote a review about it, which I’d be happy to post if you care, although it’s a bit long. If you want to do male sex toy reviews at all, it really seems worth trying the Fleshlight once so you know how the most popular toy feels, if only for comparison. (I don’t work for them or have any financial stake at all in the matter!)

    • Kit

      @Anonymous: Thanks for your comment. My point was mostly that men’s toys too often lack elegance. A flashlight isn’t sexy to me, and I want my sex toys to be sexy, or playful, or thoughtfully designed. “You can pretend its a flashlight for prudish friends who’ve never heard of the #1 male sex toy” is not good design, to me. At the same time, you’re right — its the leading toy of its kind, and if Fleshlight or someone else wanted to send me one to prove me wrong about how great it is, I would happily review it. Hopefully I’d be able to do a comparison review eventually as well, between something like the Fleshlight and the Tenga Flip.

      Until that happens I’ll have to take your word for it. :)

  • Anonymous

    Oh! Yeah, you’re right, not a sexy or playful design. It doesn’t even look like a flashlight, especially not now that flashlights are tiny little LED things. Best excuse I can imagine is that it was designed with form following function, then the designer noticed it looked sort of flashlight shaped, and decided to play up the resemblance.

    • Kit

      @Anonymous: Not to mention the punny aspect of it. I threw down the gauntlet on Twitter just now. We’ll see if they respond. ;)

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