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Goodbye Continuous Coast

The last traces of the Nagara fade from our world. No longer does the Gurge allow communication between our universe and theirs. Only a handful of physical and digital artifacts of the Continuous Coast remain, fading a little more every day back into the stuff of imagination. Yesterday I realized that this site had been […]

New Reviews / Not So Continuous

The SFSite has published their first February update, and with it, two of my reviews. First up, my review of the UFO ‘documentary’, The Billy Meier Story: UFO’s and Prophecies from Outer Space: “watching this film is like diving headlong into a disorienting, paranoid world of outer space visitors, grainy super-8 footage of floating trash-bins, […]


Tonight I wrote my first introduction for a book. It’s for an upcoming rerelease of one of my favorite short story collections by a favorite author of mine. I was really honored to be asked to do this, although it’s also a little surreal that he thought an introduction by me was worth having in […]

Blurbing it

Today I penned my first blurb for a book, at the request of M. Christian. It should appear on an upcoming book of his science fiction and horror. While I was of course very flattered to be asked, it is also a little bit surreal — a bit like being recognized from my blogging on […]