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A Map of the City

Posted in Continuous Coast, Food, and Other Writing

Today, Reesa, Steve and I spent nearly all of our productive hours creating a map of a city on another world. It was a fairly grueling 12+ hour process, even with breaks to take in an episode of Dexter and eat. The first draft results are impressive, and preliminary photos have been shared with our collaborators. This is a huge step toward the creation of a major goodie for our fans as well as countless other future creations in the Continuous Coast Project. Along the way we mostly decimated three medium pizzas and a lot of snacks.

In honor of the completion of 12 hours of labor, I baked some brownies. I actually used the tollhouse cookie recipe in the pan cookie variation, except I used slightly less chocolate chips (1 and a half cups) and added a generous 3 tablespoons of Dutch Cocoa powder (from the Spice House in Old Town Chicago), as well as a tablespoon of oil to compensate for the cocoa powder. As you can see from the photo, we were happy with the results — of the brownies, but especially of the map!

Since the cocoa bean was first cultivated on Mother, I guess I’ll call them Elms Gate Brownies.