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Honeycutt Tales: “The Struggle with Stimmies” (0th draft)

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For those of you who don’t know, Kiki Christie and I are working together on a humorous erotic science fiction novel, entitled Honeycutt Tales. I finally finished one of the ‘episodes’ tonight. We are roughly 50,000 words into it currently — wow that’s half a book!!

Honeycutt Tales: “The Struggle with Stimmies
Microsoft Word wordcount: 25,104 words
Manuscript wordcount: 35,000 words (lots of dialogue :)

Finally, this is finished. It was a difficult process — Kiki and I have actually started working on other parts of the novel before finishing this, but for some reason (neither a logical or a very productive one) having this unfinished was really blocking me in my process. I’m not sure why this episode was so hard to finish, perhaps because it was the middle of the book without us realizing it — and we developed some major plot developments in here — combined with the distraction of both co-authors by their respective lives.

My eager first readers will probably have to wait to see this chapter — I don’t know that it is ready to be shared in its current state, and we’re not planning to revise again until we have the entire book to stitch together. Our current (ambitious?) goal is to complete the remaining episodes by March or by my birthday in April, failing that.

Been doing a ton of work on writing lately — organizing my writing, setting my goals, making the house a more conducive space for writing (for ourselves and also the Gentleman’s imminent arrival). For whatever reason things clicked into place tonight while I was hanging out at Poking You. It took a few hours but the story is done and I get a gold star (no really, it’s one of the ways we’re motivating ourselves here at Slutbarn…)

I have a few short stories in the works, at various stages of writing. I hope to revise “Funeral” soon, and also have been doggedly trying to add sentences to another chapter in the Honeycutt Tales, “Encounter at Hedonia.”

Currently I have 10 works circulating at publishers, including 3 short stories (“Borrowed Time”, “Becoming” and “The Book”).