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The itch

Posted in Honeycutt Tales, Life, and Other Writing

The last few days have been busy ones. Steve is beginning his move into the ‘Slutbarn’ (the duplex Reesa and I share) in preparation for an eventual move to a larger, shared home (to be called ‘Dreamcafe,’ as all of Steve’s houses are); he arrived yesterday from Vegas with a carful of stuff and his parrot ‘Doc.’ I’ve also been working on several wordpress related projects — setup and tweaking on Reesa’s new homepage, Yes, It Is All My Fault, and fellow Voluptuary Jennifer Evans’ new blog, Buddha’s Footprints. I’ve also been finishing the design and setup for an exciting new Dreamcafe household project which I hope to announce very soon, possibly even later tonight — watch this space!

Today I flaked on some writing goals. I had planned to get up a little early (for me, meaning early afternoon) to have a phone chat with Kiki and do some brainstorming for Honeycutt Tales. My fibromyalgia left me hurting through most of the daylight hours and so I spent them sleeping or whining about how much pain I was in. Brainstorming has been postponed and no writing got done either.

Even so, I can’t help but feel a little anxious because it has been a couple days since I put actual new words on the page. I’m getting that niggling little itch in the back of my brain that says, ‘better write!’ If I don’t, the itch gets worse and turns into full-blown irritation, irritation I’m liable to take out on my friends and loved ones, or myself. And anyway, I have (self-imposed) deadlines to make.

One issue is I didn’t redo the tickybox wall-chart we use to track our progress each week. Got to take care of that tonight. And then, some actual writing …

Or else who knows whose head I might bite off.

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