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Review: Indigara by Tanith Lee

Posted in Published, Reviews, and The SF Site

My review of Tanith Lee’s young adult novel Indigara is now available on the SF Site. I felt a little bad turning in such a negative review of an author I have enjoyed in the past, but it’s my duty as a reviewer to share my feelings on the book I read even if I think it sucks.

Unfortunately, this is a book with serious faults that keep it from feeling like it ever gets off the ground. Most of the time when I read a book, there’s a point somewhere in the middle where I glance to the end to see how many pages are left. If it’s a good book then I am gauging how much pleasure I have left before I finish. If it’s a bad book I’m thinking the opposite — how many pages are left before I can move on to something better? Indigara was definitely a case of the latter, and that moment came a mere 80 pages into the book’s 200.

Check out my review then go looking for one of Lee’s other books; she’s a talented author, she just missed the mark this time.