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Moving into Dream Café

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Reesa and I have left the Slutbarn behind and, along with my punalua, moved into the new Dream Café. The house is lovely — a big old farmhouse with lots of open space, and as we move our stuff into it, a feeling of satisfaction at our presence — this house is meant to be lived in, though it is a touch haunted.  We’re working hard to establish new habits and create a space where we can all write, live, and love.

The Slutbarn was a good place to live for a while, but I have no regrets at leaving it behind — the sooner we can get the rest of our stuff out of there and return the keys, the better. It had grown too small for two, much less the three we were cramming into it (plus pets!) near the end.  A lot of bad habits and patterns of behavior accumulated in that space, and slowly we’re dropping them like a something one drops as fast as possible (INSERT CLEVER METAPHOR HERE).

Last night I stayed up late reading Old Man’s War by John Scalzi, which is the first time I’ve stayed up just to read in a while. It was a great homage to Heinlein and a fun work in its own right.

Reading made the writing itch worse, which is a good thing — though we’re not fully settled in yet, I think we’re all three of us feeling the need to begin working again.

More soon… hopefully to report on writing progress. I have a novel to finish and stories to write.

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