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Busy times

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It’s been a busy and exciting week. I spent a long extended weekend in the Austin area with my girlfriend Tea and her network. It was a wonderfully loving, blissful, creative and fun weekend. She’s just gotten great news that her sculptures have been accepted by a Houston gallery, with a Halloween-ish opening. I’ll be sure to post her gallery opening info here and on my other blogs when I get it, so I can let people know. It’s worth seeing.

I spent the rest of the week home alone, cleaning up around the house and working hard on our ongoing project. The number of people who have discovered it is growing every day — soon we’re going to have Steve drop some hints about it, which should really bring people in. I’ve also made a lot of progress planning for the project’s main public portal, as well as the “tourism bureau” website.

Reesa & Steve are due back soon, home from their long trip to Israel. It sounds like a full and fun trip. Steve read from his short story, “Bluff”, which is part of our project, the first public reading of any project-related fiction. Further, Reesa gave a variation of the Arse Elektronika presentation which also included photos of otherworldly artifacts — we’ll have the slides up soon.

I finally upgraded this site to WP 2.6.2. If you see anything weird, let me know. I’m going to poke around and see if there is anything broken, otherwise I’ll be upgrading the other WP sites I operate soon.

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