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Artist Business Models 13

Posted in Continuous Coast, and Words Words Words

In the latest part of our artist business models series, I discuss the question of whether to outsource or roll-your-own. We’re regularly adding new entries to the series so watch this space, read Words Words Words, or join the mailing list on Continuous Labs to hear about the latest.

The last few days have been ones of intense immersion in the ongoing creative project. I’ve been working on it in one form or another almost continuously, whether it’s working with artists, recruiting webtalent, or developing websites. We’ve had some exciting developments recently: although I think few of our readers have noticed, we just launched our first significant story arc; one of our artists gave me an early draft tonight of their depiction of one of the world’s major features; and it looks like I might not have to build the project’s entire web presence on my own, after all.

There’s a lot of other stuff on my mind, not all of it happy, but I’m glad to be creating, to have housemates to create with, and to have a working hot tub to soak in.

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