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Writing update

Posted in Honeycutt Tales, and Other Writing

It’s been months since I updated this blog but its time I change that. Since I last wrote I have continued to settle into life in Houston. While I don’t want to go into too much detail here, when I moved I was leaving behind a situation which had become unhealthy for me. While I’d grown used to writing in close collaboration with two housemates, with the dissolution of that household I had lost access to what had become habitual parts of my creative process. I was also in a very bad headspace, and I’ve never been the sort of artist inspired by own misery or suffering. I feel like I have to learn how to do this writing thing all over again, in many ways, right alongside all the other adjustments major life changes bring.

I have a great social circle here in Houston and many supportive friends here and elsewhere. I’m making some deeper connections and even connecting with other creative types here. Mentally I’m in a much better place, but ironically the longer I go without writing regularly the more it affects my well being, creating a dangerous cycle.

But it’s one I think I am finally breaking. The other day I revised “Becoming,” which remains one of my favorite pieces of my own fiction, and submitted it to a possible market. Kiki Christie and I have also been very slowly returning to work on Honeycutt Tales, our erotic novel. I’m also working on a couple other ideas for erotic stories at the moment and have written a bit on one particular idea.

I’ve upgraded WordPress to 2.9, the latest stable version, in the hopes that the improved interface will encourage me to blog more. I may broaden the scope of what I put here a bit and ramble more about whatever is on my mind (which is frequently sex or food). In the meantime, you can also keep up with me on twitter which I update frequently.

Finally, the paper which Reesa Brown and I wrote for Arse Elektronika 2008 has been available for some months now in Do Androids Sleep with Electric Sheep from Re/Search Publications. There are a bunch of great essays in it so check it out.

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