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Writing has been slow lately. Some stresses — see below for one of them — combined with computer difficulties put a cramp in my output. I’m working slowly on the former and have mostly solved the latter: a bunch of friends (Maenad, Alan, Chris, and the A’s, thanks!) donated computer parts to me, so I was able to assemble a frankenPC on which I am typing this entry.

The newest, biggest stress in my life involves my living situation. I’ve been living with two other roommates for about a year, and was not hoping to move anytime soon. But through circumstances essentially outside his control, the actual lease-holding roommate is going to be forced to make either myself or the third roommate move out. I’m already basically broke and struggling to get myself on a more stable financial footing, so this has been an unpleasant development to say the least.

Maybe you can help me? What I need are leads on pre-existing places looking for roommates in the Houston (or possibly Austin) area. Even moreso, I’m looking for potential roommates in the Houston area who might want to go in together on a lease with 2 or 3 other intelligent weirdos. I’ve done some searching and there are some affordable 3-4 bedroom houses for rent out there and I know I’ve only just scratched the surface.

My requirements for places I will consider are:

  • For Houston locations, somewhere inside the loop.
  • Accessible to reasonable amounts of public transportation
  • 420- and noisy, kinky sex-friendly
  • Pet friendly. My cat is antisocial and will probably live mostly or entirely in my bedroom.
  • Cheap. I’m paying a maximum of $300/month for both rent and bills and want to keep it under that if possible. But I may be willing to trade added chores for reduced rent.

If you have any useful information then please leave a comment, email kitoconnell at pobox dot com, or use the mobile number on my homepage (yes it really works).

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