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Review: Bullets Galore Kit

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The Bullets Galore vibrator kit

I am now reviewing sex toys for You can find the Bullets Galore Kit and other vibrators on their site. Disclaimer: Although I don’t receive any money for these reviews (unless you purchase something via an affiliate link to the vendor), I am receiving free toys.

Recent years have brought many innovations to the sex toy market, from new materials like glass or ceramic to new methods of stimulation. A lot of attention has been directed at the bigger changes, like the proliferation of high-end, advanced sex toys from companies like Lelo or Fun Factory. This review, however, lets me highlight one of my favorite yet largely unsung innovations in erotic play, an update to one of the humblest of sex toys: the bullet vibrator.

What sex toy fan has not experimented with the bullet (a.k.a. the egg vibe)? Other than the most basic of shaft-style vibrators, I’d even hazard to guess that the egg is probably one of the most common first toys purchased by the curious newbie. Despite how common this toy is, it is also one of the most versatile. It is useful for solo play, but due to its small size and shape is one of the easiest vibrators to incorporate into partnered sex in many positions: anywhere a hand can reach a clit or cock. As if that wasn’t enough, the bullet can often (as with this kit) be inserted into sleeves or cock rings. About the only thing it isn’t good for is anal insertion, unless you want to trust that thin cord will keep you from a embarrassing emergency room visit (no thanks).

So what could possibly be done to this old standby? Well, one frustration with the egg is that when they break it is almost always when the cord connecting battery to vibrator shorts out somewhere between the two, often at one end or the other. With so many shapes or sizes of egg, not to mention sleeves to insert them into, a sex toy lover could easily end up with a half dozen of these things, meaning either a lot of batteries or constantly remembering which toy they are inside and switching between.

I don’t know which toy manufacturer was the first to come up with the idea, but in the not-too-distant past someone separated the egg from its battery pack. The battery pack became instead a stand-alone unit into which the user could insert a variety of different bullets using a standardized headphone-style plug. Now powerful battery packs with familiar controls can continue to be used after a bullet breaks; consumers can even mix and match bullets and power packs from different manufacturers, and the variety of shapes available has increased as well: one of my favorites are new super-tiny bullets, which allow a highly targeted sensation. Those with multiple partners can easily maintain safety by simply having a different egg for each lover, and for solo play you can always have just the right shape or size for the occasion.

The Bullets Galore Kit features three bullets in fairly standard sizes, three sleeves, and a power pack which is capable of powering two bullets simultaneously. The sleeves include a dolphin-shaped cock ring, a sleeve with nubs on it, and a suction-cup style sleeve.

Being able to power two bullets at once offers some obvious possibilities, including insertion of one egg while the other is used on a clitoris, or to stimulate two lovers at once. You can operate just one egg or both at once, but the power pack has only one set of controls for both meaning they will always operate at the same speed. A slider allows you to select three speeds, low, medium or high. A bullet will vibrate at a slightly higher speed with one plugged into the pack instead of two, but the difference is so small that you won’t notice it unless you’re really paying attention. Operated by two AA batteries, it provides about as much power as you can expect from your average battery operated toy without being so loud as to be audible in the next room. These toys will provide enough stimulation for many women to reach orgasm, but obviously don’t provide quite the bang of a Rabbit or other high-end battery vibe and are nowhere near the jackhammer of an electric, Magic Wand-style vibrator.

I have been experimenting with this particular kit for a little while now. On my first session, a lover and I broke out the toys and just played. She found the eggs predictably enjoyable for direct clitoral stimulation. The suction-cup toy was fun, although my penis was a little oversensitive to it unless everything was good and slippery. Another lover I played with really loved it when I used one egg on her clit while the other buzzed away inside her at the same frequency (and I whispered naughty things into her ear).

The dolphin-cock ring is a good idea in theory, with the vibrator creating a rapidly vibrating ‘dolphin-beak’ when inserted that should provide some interesting clitoral stimulation during penetrative sex. However you should be aware that only one of the eggs fits through the tiny hole in the dolphin’s ass (seriously, that’s where it goes), and once you insert it you probably can’t remove it without destroying the sleeve. Also, if you have any amount of pubic hair like I do, the jelly material may tug painfully. Though the toys themselves seem non-porous for ease of cleaning, jelly material can never be fully cleaned and so should never be shared between lovers that aren’t fluid-bonded.

Overall, I don’t really have any complaints about the Bullets Galore Kit. It’s a great way to get a reliable power pack and three different bullets for a reasonable price; it would make a great gift or first toy for those who are new to vibrating play. If you’re familiar with bullet vibes but haven’t tried a power pack, consider upgrading the next time something shorts out and your egg will only work when you hold it at just the right, orgasm-denying angle…

Update: It’s come to my attention that most bullet sleeves are not phthalate-free. Use your discretion if you choose to use them, but you may want to toss them and just enjoy the bullets.

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