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DefyAuthority: Why the fuck would you go to Burning Man?

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My friend Lauren has given me a new soapbox and she wants me to write about Burning Man. My first post is entitled Why the Fuck would you want to go to Burning Man?

There are a lot of reasons not to go to Burning Man. If you’re going just because you’ve heard there is free booze and naked titties there, you don’t belong at Burning Man.  If you’re going to get wasted and climb up something high and fall off, save the Rangers the trouble and stay home. If you and your significant other are going to import your relationship drama onto the playa, or can’t communicate well enough to talk ahead of time about what to do when one of you takes drugs the other doesn’t approve of, or when one of you bangs that cute little thing with the dreadlocks then you shouldn’t go.

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