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Houston Art Nerds logo by Christoper Glenn.

Change is constant. I mean, really fucking constant.

The last few months have been a whirlwind of love found, lost, and changed. I’ve moved to a new city (though I write these words from Houston, my former stomping grounds). I’ve made new friends and lost ones I never expected to lose.

The weird part of all this is it has made me feel more mature than I thought I was — I’m managing to keep putting words on the page, and maintain my responsibilities in the face of all kinds of upheaval good and bad. I may not be pouring out thousands of words per day like the writers I watch enviously on my twitter feed, but I am continuing to work on all my various projects including those that are directly paying the bills. It’s weird to feel not very together but then realize you’re actually less shaken than you think.

As a result it’s very appropriate that our next Houston Art Nerds salon, a.k.a. Le Salon du Subversif #5, has a theme of Change. We’ll be gathering as usual to make art together, but will also be repeating the ‘Storyteller’s Circle’ of one of our previous salons, sharing stories about the theme and how it has touched our lives, or the lives of fictional characters. If I can make myself put enough words on the page between now and then, and not waste all my time with blog entries, twitter and other catwaxing, I’ll have part of a current work in progress to share.

If you’re going to be in Houston this Friday, July 30th, and are interested in the event please get in touch with me, or visit the Facebook group page.

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