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A Burner Lexicon: Shirt-cocking

Posted in A Burner Lexicon, and Burning Man

Shirt-cocking art. Pyropolis, 2010. Photo by Stash.

Shirt-cocking, –verb, Shirt-cocking is when a man wears a t-shirt but but goes naked from the waist down. This practice is a natural outgrowth of Burning Man events which value “radical self-expression” but are held in clothing optional environments. Shirt-cocking has become one of the few genuine fashion faux pas in a community that otherwise turns a blind-eye (or a downright appreciative one) on all kinds of egregious peacock-like displays of one’s ability to combine neon colors and fun fur in new ways.

The potential offensiveness of a female counterpart to this behavior is still in question. When done by a woman, it is called Daisy Ducking.

Shirt-cocking was the subject of a somewhat heated debate recently in my local community. The controversy was made worse when an unidentified prankster made a whole bunch of signs supporting shirt-cocking, complete with ‘softpack’ dildos, and then left the signs behind as MOOP.

Thanks to Meat Popsicle for suggesting this entry and April Reign for input.

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