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I think I am recovered from my trip to Denton. This cute but quickly growing college town seems very similar to San Marcos, even in architecture. I really enjoyed visiting Recycled Books; though I couldn’t buy anything at the moment, spending a couple happy hours wandering its aisles reminded me of working for Half Price Books at its wonderful location on Austin’s drag, before the corporation moved it north and sucked the character out of it. I was also blown away by the Pan-Asian food at Mr. Chopsticks, some of the best I’ve ever eaten — it’s quite clear why both businesses are local fixtures.

My post about Bisexuality and Visibility received a lot of notice compared to the usual posts I make here, receiving comments on multiple forums and being shared a few times on Facebook before I lost track of where it went. Other projects don’t seem to be going as well — DefyAuthority.NET seems to be going in different directions than when I came on board so I hope to soon relaunch the Burner Lexicon project here on this site. My other writing is moving with slow progress, and I am still very excited about the potential of a future collaboration about which I remain mysterious.

Right now I am reading the soon-to-be-released Best Erotic Fantasy from Circlet Press, which I look forward to reviewing. And, for lack of a better way to close out this blog entry, I recommend you read this fascinating article on The Gathering of the Juggalos from the Village Voice which you may have missed when it was published earlier this month. No, really.

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