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A Burner Lexicon: Bacon

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Fucking eat us! Image by Mandy Jouan

Bacon, –noun, Ambrosia for Burners. It has salt, fat, and protein, all of which are craved when the sun wakes you much too early after a night of hard partying. Even before the rest of the United States became obsessed with this pork product, bacon was revered at Burn events. Bacon has inspired theme camps, mutant vehicles, and rock bands among sundry other children of that mightiest of meats. Not even vegetarians are immune from its charms at times, with many events catering to those dirty hippies with facon and gummi bacon. Its rising popularity in reality camp has prompted periodic discussions among the Burnier-than-thou set over whether bacon is ‘over,’ but its popularity seems unstoppable as of this writing.

The ‘Overlord’ and her Top Secret Project helped popularize the bacon meme in the Burning Flipside community with their bacon train art car and camp (‘the Baconing’) which provided massive amounts of bacon to the community. When the effigy — a giant rocket — had difficulty igniting after heavy rains, bacon grease they had collected was used to help it burn.

The lexicographer, a vegetarian once spent hours cooking bacon and facon for a ‘Shredded Hate Bacon’ concert, on a propane grill at Burning Flipside. I did this after being talked into it during a nightlong nitrous oxide binge with two beautiful friends. After I finished scrubbing the grease off my hands and arms I decided it’d been a positive growth experience, but I still don’t eat the stuff.

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