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Review: Tantus Royal

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The Royal anal toy from Tantus

I have just begun reviewing sex toys for Not only do they sell high-quality sex toys, but they are also sponsoring Sex Toy Day, a free giveaway of vibrators on November 4th. You can purchase the Tantus Royal on their site, as well as many other fun, safe anal toys.

I do not receive money from these reviews unless you purchase a product from one of my affiliate links, but I do receive free sex toys.

Nowadays, more people have become educated about unsafe sex toys, so as a result many vendors are making toys from silicone. But not all silicones are alike, and quality can make a real difference. I’ve already talked on this blog about my love for FunFactory, but another of the best vendors of high-quality silicone toys is Tantus. I have owned many of their toys over the years, and I’m always happy to add another to my collection. Their quality is flawless and they offer many diverse and creative options.

That brings us to this toy, the Tantus Royal. Many people enjoy anal stimulation, and the most natural first anal ‘sex toy’ is the finger. In many ways, a finger is a great size and shape for exploration and pleasure, but it has its drawbacks — fingernails can be sharp and unpleasant, and skin absorbs moisture in a way that silicone does not. This seems to be the niche the Royal fills — it’s basically shaped like a finger with a flared base, but made of medical grade silicone in a nice dark wine color.

The base of the toy is hollow, which allows you to insert a vibrator. The toy included a small button-battery powered vibrator which you could insert into the toy. These little vibrators are frequently poorly made and weak as well, and the one included with my Royal would not turn on properly, but only operate when the button at the end was constantly held down. While this vendor has a great return policy, I decided instead to use a modular vibrating egg of almost identical size and shape to the one included. It should be noted that the egg went in easily, but could not be removed once inside. I think I’d have to damage the toy to get it out again, which would probably also be true of the vibrator they included. It’s essentially a permanent part of the toy now.

I’ve tried this toy by myself and with a lover. This is an active anal toy — because it’s shaped like a finger rather than an anal plug, you can’t just insert it and forget it. It doesn’t stay inside well on its own, and feels best if you are actually thrusting with it. Since I have a prostate, I found the vibrations a little frustrating since they are not targeted to the tip of the toy. By contrast, my female lover enjoyed the sensation a lot especially when she combined the vibrations in her ass with the hard vibrations of her favorite electric vibrator (not to mention a favorite dildo and some rope bondage). However, she didn’t like the shape as much as I did. I think this toy might work better on a man than a woman; it might be effective on a g-spot too, but since it had already been used anally we did not get the chance to try.

The Tantus Royal is not destined to be my favorite toy, but I think I’ll definitely try it again when I want a smoother, more streamlined (vibrating!) finger-shape to play with.

Update: Garnet Joyce, Social Media Strategist for, wrote to me to give the following tip: “you should put a drop of lube into the vibrator hole before you put the vibrator in it. Then you’ll need to take the vibe out before the lube dries – usually right after the action is over is the best time so you don’t forget. That’s pretty much the case with most silicone plugs and dildos that take vibrating bullets.” She also notes that all Tantus Toys are 10% off until October 31st.