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A Burner Lexicon: Flaming Soccer

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A game of Flaming Soccer in progress. Photo by EspressoBuzz.

Flaming Soccer, –noun, It’s the middle of the night at a Burn when you see a glowing orb of fire flying through the air. This time it’s not a pair of fire poi but a game of flaming soccer (also known as Redneck Soccer).

Played almost exclusively in the hazy hours before dawn when this kind of thing seems like a good idea, this “sport” involves a roll of toilet paper soaked in fuel. The toilet paper roll is ignited and then kicked around by anyone who is both awake and wearing close-toed shoes. Eventually, the roll disintegrates into a pile of charred MOOP. At this point, someone either lights another flaming soccer ball or everyone goes to bed.

See also: Leave No Trace.

Burners will find a way to light almost anything on fire. Although flaming Dance Dance Revolution was a success, attempts to create Flaming Tetherball have met with difficulty; flaming four square is currently under discussion.

Thanks to sputnik for input on this entry.

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